I was born on the first of November of 1974 in a small Dutch village, bordering Germany. When I was eighteen I hurried out to live in Utrecht, a city in the heart of the Netherlands, to make sure there was more than just cows and awful long bike rides - usually in the pouring rain - to get to school everyday. A few years later I graduated in Art History (MA) at Utrecht University and completed a postgraduate course Broadcast Journalism at Groningen University. What I did after that, you can check out on my resume.


‘Their love brings conflict too, due to their different backgrounds and – not lastly – the still-influential caste system. Saskia Konniger leads you through India and her love story like a true guide. Club Karma would seem an uncomplicated travel novel, were it not for the book’s beginning with a disastrous message about Arun, through which you, the reader, know how the fairy tale ends. The novel will bring a flood of memories if you’ve ever been to India, but the evocative writing style is just as fascinating for those who don’t know the country. It’s also a book about culture clash and loss.’
Mind Magazine, July 2008

‘Konniger’s writing style is simple and to the point. She has no need of complicated words and lengthy sentences to bring the images alive. This makes her story both accessible and engrossing.’
Boek Magazine (Dutch Literature Magazine), Summer 2008


I’m a freelance journalist currently working in India, novelist and

independent Curator World Cultures. Associate Researcher at

the Dutch National Museum of Ethnology (www.volkenkunde.nl).

On this website you can have a look at my portfolio: stories,

interviews, blogs and photos about issues regarding world

cultures, society, history, travel, religion and cultural exchange.

The moment that I’m rich and famous I promise to hire

someone to translate the articles and travel stories shown on

this site, but for now they are only in Dutch. I also produce

photos, feel free to have a look. If you are interested in using

one, please let me know, we’ll work out a fee. Sorry, they are

not for free.

Travel book set in India (2008). See box on the right.


THE HIDDEN GARDEN (in Dutch: De Verborgen Tuin)

A nonfiction book about Indian goldsmiths

As curator India at the Dutch National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, I’ve researched the work and lives of traditional Indian goldsmiths in Rajasthan (Bikaner and Jaipur), exploring how they position themselves in the modern global economy in relation to the Mogol- and Rajput court cultures of the past (for some pics of the artwork click here). The book is published by KIT Publishers Amsterdam, Oct 2011.


Club Karma is my first book. It’s an autobiographical travel book, set in India. The story deals with East and West, love and death. Published May 2008, by Thomas Rap, imprint of Dutch publishing house De Bezige Bij.


Interested in publishing the whole story in English, or other languages? Please send me an e-mail: saskiakonniger@live.nl


Travel novel (KIT Publishers, Amsterdam, 2012)

Main character Anna, journalist, is exploring (and judging) modern China, its politics, culture, and taoism. Her end goal is to find the exact geographical centre of China. That, she will find, but as her trip goes along she has trouble keeping her personal moral compass straight. The novel is loosely based on my travels in 2008.